Artistic sculpture

About me

Józef Nadrowski was born in Widawa. He spent his childhood and school years in Karpacz, beautiful and picturesque country town, located in mountains. This may be the reason for his susceptibility for beauty and nature. Since his early childhood he has been interested in art especially sculpture, so he began learning in artistic school in Cieplice Śląskie, with famous Silesia’s artist professor Szymanik as a mentor. He graduated from the school in 1980.
His two biggest passions are mountains and sculptures. These are the most important things in his life. Józef’s works are inspired by the surrounding. In a huge snag he is able to perceive a form, which he brings to life using a chisel. The artist’s favourite material is wood, the matter which lives and cooperates with the artist. His sculptures not only have form, but also soul.
Józef Nadorowski is an unbelievably creative artist: in his works he takes up all the subjects, especially likes subjects connected with sacral sphere of human’s life. His works are friendly to people: they bring joy and warmth. Many of them have gone abroad. Józef Nadorowski took part in many plein-air paintings, which effects in the shape of big sculptures can be admired in many Silesia’s cities. The artist presented also his works on many national exhibitions: Cieplice Śląśkie, Karpacz, Jelenia Góra, Gdańsk. There were also individual exhibitions abroad: Oslo, Berlin, Paris, Heidelberg. On his artistic way he meet a well-wishing man, Maecenas Harals Engh from Norway. He took care of the artist and made possible for him to develop in future. For the artist are important not only past achievements, but alsa the future: the creative applied art and decorative forms.

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